Lists, a game we play

img_0028To-do lists, yes this may seem a pretty dry subject but I couldn’t get through without them. My desk is littered with yellow post-it notes (see left) with various time-constrained lists, monthly, weekly, daily. In my private life I am not renowned for my organisational skills – understatement   – but in my work life I have to be. Without strict deadlines and objectives, nothing would ever get done.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the concept of gamification which is the idea of turning everyday tasks into a more game-like activity. I suddenly realised that this is a big part of my use of to-do lists, the act of ticking an activity off is so satisfying it can often be the motivation I need to start an activity I might otherwise ignore for as long as possible.

As I transition from my Master’s degree which was just a series of never ending deadlines enforced by other people, this more “real-world” nature of self-inflicted deadlines, is something I’m learning to adapt to. My list series is definitely an important part of this process.

So yes, maybe gamification is a rubbish-sounding, cheese-implying word but apparently it’s a process that works for me. Moving forward with this idea, next week I’m going to attempt to apply gamification to reading of papers (insert Jaws theme here)…wish me luck!

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