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Schrödinger’s results

Today I am sitting in the unknown. I have sent off the products of this weeks lab work and I am waiting for the results, it’s almost blissful when you can lull youself into believing that you’ve done everything right and your results will be exactly what your hoping for.
If I’m being perfectly honest, it’s rare that I allow myself to be even slightly optimistic at work. It seems to me that the majority of the time things in my experimental pipeline won’t work and so it would be silly of me to expect them to. This level of pessimism does allow me to experience an intense euphoria when things finally do work however. To turn on the UV light and see those bright bands all glowing in a row on the screen before me is to experience pure joy. This might seem a bit sad but it really is one of the things that gets me out of  bed in the morning.

So I’m waiting, will I experience that joy this time around? Maybe, but I occaisionally savour these moments of not-knowing, when my results are both there and there.

I promise a longer post next time, until then…



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