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Making time to think

Today’s one word prompt has struck rather a chord with me this week, I have spent quite a lot of time being pensive. In general I am a hands on person who likes to see the fruits of my labour in front of me, a tangible piece of evidence that work has been done – whether that’s in the form of words on the paper, or on a screen as the case may be, or a load of tubes that are carefully filed away in the freezer. So in a week like this one, in which I have spent several days sat in front of my whiteboard and with my head on one side à la the HMV dog, it can be difficult to convince myself of the value of thinking time.

This is a guilt trip I really need to stop going on – when you are planning an experiment that won’t see completion for several years, it is vital to have considered all possible outcomes before charging headlong into the practical work. This might also be a bit of a hang-up from my previous studies; never before have I had the time to pour over an experiment before making a start. At an undergraduate and masters level, I was either a complete rookie whose thought would make little to no difference, or I was coming in on a project that was already underway. This time around it’s different and I need to appreciate it. There is a time for thinking and a time for action….next week it’s all go!

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